General Specifications for Thor Steel Buildings

Built to Withstand Gulf Coast Hurricane winds Thor pre-fabricated steel buildings are designed for industrial plant, pipe line or other heavy duty specialty use.

Thor Steel Buildings have been built and erected in all parts of Texas for the past 21 years. We control the quality from manufacture to final erection.

Size range of buildings: Any size building to meet your specifications.

Roof pitch: 1 / 12 to 6 / 12.

Wind load design: Built to withstand Gulf Coast hurricane winds.

1. Rigid frames – columns and rafter: Straight I Beam designed by Registered Engineers.

2. Secondary steel – purlins and girts: To be 4” to 12” Cee or Zee beams as required by the size of building.

3. Bolts – All rafter and column bolts to by 5/8” x 1 ½” A-325 hi-tensile. All purlin and girt bolts to be ½” x 1” cadium plated machine bolts.

4. Paint on steel – One shop coat of zinc chromate red primer or hot dipped galvanized.

5. Wall and roof sheeting – 26 ga. Galvanized and painted Rib panel design. Choice to ten standard colors or unpainted galvanized.

6. Ridge caps – Die-formed from standard sheets to fit configuration of the roof sheet.

7. Trim and flashing – 26 ga. Galvanized and painted.

8. Screw fasteners – #14 x ¾” self tapping cadium plated with neoprene and metal washer.

9. Neoprene closures – under roof sheets for wind and bird stops.

10. Personnel doors – 3’ x 7’ x 1 ¾” heavy duty door and frame made from 18 ga. Galvanized steel with egg crate core. Door is factory finished white. Standard key-in knob lock included.

Accessories and Alternates Available

1. Door hardware – Heavy duty closures. Panic bar exit.

2. Sheeting – Galvalume available. Also 24 ga. White or galvanized.

3. Primary and secondary steel – Can be galvanized, hot dipped or cold formed.

4. Windows – From aluminum sliding to commercial projected aluminum.

5. Roof vents – All sizes and types.

6. Wall louvers – All sizes and types.

7. Fiberglass roof skylites.

8. Insulation.

9. Metal sheet liner or wood paneling for inside.